The Unwritten Rule: A BDSM Story (part 1)

From time to time, Mistress Sakura gets me to write BDSM stories for Her. She gives me prompts: usually a theme, a setting, and a list of things (words, phrases, objects, fetishes) to include – then I build my tale around them.

Some time ago Mistress instructed me to write a story with a fantasy/historical East Asian setting. It had to be based around the legend of the red silk cord which joins the hands of those whose souls are destined to be together forever. I was given a strict deadline because Mistress was going on a trip and She wanted something to read on the journey.

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The Daffodil: A BDSM Story

Some time ago, Mistress Sakura gave me a pair of linked tasks:

“Take a thermos with tea, find a nice spot in nature to drink it and appreciate the beautiful view around you – the chirping birds, whatever is in front of you… Write it all down and send to me.”


“Then use this as inspiration and setting for a short BDSM story, using the things you have written to me in the email as prompts.”

I present the story, just as I sent it to Mistress (it is actually a little fantasy I had as I sat in the woods). This is, incidentally, my first attempt at a story from the point of view of the dominant.

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Punishment For Tiny Monster

I want to tell you about something that happened a couple of days ago (at the time of writing) during a day of domestic service for Mistress Sakura.

I have no idea whether this will resonate with any other submissives (or any dominants, for that matter) but it is illustrative of what my submissive nature is like and also of the kind of Domme that my Owner is. Additionally, it shows how complex the dynamic of D/S and the psychology of submission can be.

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Session 15: Moments

I would like to mention just a few of those tiny-but-memorable details of this session with Mistress Sakura.

In no particular order.

When Mistress forced me to clean the floor with my tongue. This was the first time I have ever been made to lick the floor. It was superb – so humiliating. But what really made it so amazing was the stern, dismissive way that Mistress gave the order.

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Session 15: Ending And After

The roleplay had come to a natural, and glorious, conclusion. We still had some time left, however, so Mistress Sakura said that since I had been such a good boy, I could request a reward. I asked to be allowed to worship Her feet.

We had a clean-up of the equipment that we had been using, then moved back into the lounge area. Mistress sat in Her chair and I knelt in my place (my happy place). Mistress took off Her boots and stockings and presented Her beautiful feet for my ministration.

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Session 15: Pain And Humiliation (Part 2)

N.B. Please bear in mind that, in what follows, I will be blending my own thoughts and experiences with the fictional point of view of the character that I was playing. Please remember that while I was a consenting and enthusiastic participant in everything that happened, my character was being forced to submit against his will. I trust you, gentle reader, to be able to separate the two experiences and voices without my having to signal which is which.

This was a fabulous session and I loved every second of it.

Mistress Sakura instructed me to fetch Her a glass of water and an empty glass, and then revealed the new piece of equipment that She had bought. It was a ball-gag with changeable attachments.

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Session 15: Roleplay

Upon arrival at the Peacock Parlour, I got undressed and placed my collar, my food bowl, and my ‘insertables’ (dildo, ball gag, butt plug) on the table. I also laid out my French maid’s outfit and high-heeled ankle boots. Then I knelt – eyes down – to await Mistress Sakura‘s attention.

When Mistress allowed me to look up and to speak, we had a brief chat to remind ourselves of the roleplay scenario. Then I took off my chastity cage (so that being made to put it on could be part of the roleplay), got dressed, and went into the dungeon area while Mistress got changed.

Mistress let me know when She was ready and I entered the lounge area in character. The roleplay began.

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