Everything in this blog is inspired by and is dedicated to

my Owner

Mistress Sakura Strike

the moonlight on my path

Mistress Sakura on Twitter

Beneath Sakura’s Boots

The total submission of serving as a footstool.

Tiny Monster in Bondage

This was taken during a wonderful Shibari session with Mistress Sakura.

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100 Strokes

This was the state of my back seven hours after being flogged by Mistress Sakura.

Tiny Monster on Twitter

More pictures of the divine Sakura Strike

The incredible beauty of Mistress Sakura

The incredible beauty of Mistress Sakura


It’s not all about the latex

Sakura Strike is not always in latex


You are beneath her.

Worship the boots of Mistress Sakura


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Mistress
    Do all your subs have to undertake sissifcation and self harm / punishment, or is it a personal choice of theirs?


    1. Hi Leon,

      I do not, for one moment, presume to speak for Mistress Sakura. I can, however, tell you about my own experience of serving her.

      Mistress has never, ever, ever asked me to do anything – nor ever done anything to me – to which I did not fully consent and agree. She absolutely always stresses trust, consent, and the importance of respecting limits and boundaries.

      Everything that I have done with Mistress Sakura has been the result of discussions that we have had about what I want, what I need, and what I think I can handle. And I can opt out at any time. She is a caring and responsible Domme.

      I hope this helps.

      Tiny Monster


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